Preliminary ver. of Program

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Wednesday December 18

 9:00~10:00    Registration
 10:00~10:15    Welcome Address
 10:15~  Keynote Speech by Prof. Gotoh 
  Kagoshima Univ.
"The Potential for ICT Management of Wagyu Fattening by Grazing;
Keynote Speech by Prof. T.Kida 
  Kumamoto Univ.
"Development of Graphene Oxide-Based Gas sensor"

Thursday December 19

 9:00~    Registration
 Keynote Speech by Prof. Y. Yamanishi 
  Kyushu Univ.
"Emerging functions of electrically-induced bubbles and its biomedical applications""
 9:35~ Keynote Speech by Prof. H. Shum 
 The Univ. of Hong Kong
"Electrical manipulation of droplets for biomedical applications;
 11:10~  Keynote Speech by Prof. D. Wang 
 Jilin Univ.
"Coupled Resonators for Sensing Applications"
 18:00~:     Banquet ; Kagoshima Sun Royal Hotel

Friday December 20

  8:00~9:00   Registration
  9:00~14:00   Technical Tour & Closing Meeting